Saturday, June 18, 2011

Newest Embroidery Projects

Well I have started a New Embroidery Project today. My husband has been so kind and let me have the full weekend to do whatever I please. So I decided I would create an embroidered quilt.
But instead I decided I would start 3 embroidered I had a hard time deciding on which one I wanted to make so I decided I would do the 3 of them. So I have started.
Here is the starting block of my Moulin Rouge Quilt.
The start of my great adventure.
Here I have marked out my block with all the marks i need to make in order to get my embroidery designs in the exact placement i want them.
Here I have printed out all of my templates ready to place them were I need them on the fabric block, this will ensure that, all the designs line up perfectly.
Here I have started the first Block of the Summer Wine Quilt i am making. I have sewn an outline of the design on the fabrics block, i have them layed a piece of fabric over the outline and stitched another outline of the design i am embroidering.
Here I have trimmed away the excess of the fabric i have stitched outlines around, I am now ready to stitch my complete design onto the Block. So I guess you can call it Embroidered Applique.

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