Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home at LAST!!!

Well finally after 5 days away, I am Finally Home, and glad to be home.
The driving is the most tiring of all, Especially when you are so far from home, and you don't have that second person to entertain you.
But I can say "YES" I did have a fantastic time, Great people, great classes, "YES" i did learn a few things that I didn't already know. A few new tools to add to the Embroidery section of my sewing room, I plan to put these to the test over the weekend. I am dying to test them out, the question is going to be are they going to make life easier when it comes to perfect placemet of embroidery. I think so.

Well I am back to work. To plan on something to embroider this weekend.
Until Monday. I would have all the plans for the weekend of embroidering, which i have not done in a little while.

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