Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fire and Ice Embroidered Quilt Project

My Interpretation of Cabochon Treasures
I have called mine Fire and Ice

Designs in this quilt are original designs by KennyKreations designed and digitised by Christine.
you can purchase these designs just like i did from HERE.
Well i had completed half of my block for the Fire and Ice Embroidered Quilt.
Here is a few sneak Peaks
Here I have my Block Cut out for the Centre Medallion of the Quilt, I have put all of my registration marks on my block, then placed my templates were I need my design to embroider, then done my markings hooped it up and off I go!!!
Here I have stitched out the first color choice, then onto the second color choice, this design has taken me 80 minutes to embroider, mind you I have had to change thread colors about 6 times, during the embroidering of only half a block. This is the left side of the centre block for my quilt.
Here I have added the second color and almost finished sewing for that color, now onto the next picture, of todays project.

Here is the finished right hand side of my Block completed today, I have the left hand side of the block already in the hoop and on the machine, hopefully will continue to sew the remainder of the block while I am here Blogging. Anyway I plan to have the Centre Block completed today being Sunday, then finishe the rest of the Blocks during the week after work, So i am guessing it will take me roughly 2 weeks to finish the Quilt top, then get it quilted. So I will keep you updated on my progress as I get blocks completed.
Ok Centre Block of quilt is completed. Finally,
 I have now started going around the outsides of the block to fill in my design, this is were I am up to with this quilt so far.

This is were I am at so far with this quilt, But I should be finishing this one before moving onto another, but i couldn't help myself I have 4 embroidered quilt projects all going at once, one per machine.

I am waiting for some more of the Sticky stabiliser to arrive befor I can embroider any more of this quilt. So i guess it is time to go finish a couple of the other quilts. Until i can get this one finished.

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