Great New BOM Complete Pattern Sets

Let There Be Chocolate

Quilt Measures 46" x 56"

In the beginning ... we believe there was one more day set aside for the creation of chocolate! Our own little heaven on earth.

(Incidentally – I cannot be held responsible for any weight gain mysteriously found during the making of this quilt! However, we feel a warning may be appropriate.)

WARNING: may feel the need to join a local gym after completing this fabulous quilt! (But it is totally worth it!)

Piece, Love & Applique
Quilt Measures 62" x 82"
This Quilt is designed by Lizzie B Cre8tive.
A variety of pieced blocks and whimsical appliqué unite to create this fabulous quilt. Choose a color palette; whether retro, bright, primitive or vintage, this quilt lends itself to a myriad of tastes. It’s groovy, baby!

Its A Dollies Life BOM Program
This is also available as a Complete Pattern Set (Patterns Only)
Full Kit (Patterns and fabrics to complete quilt top)
BOM Program (Pattern and Fabrics each month to complete each block)

Buster, Bekkie, Lollie and Bella are having such a lovely time in their Dollies House.
Can you see Magoo and Mrs Perkins in the nursery?
Buster, Bekkie, Lollie and Bella are having such a lovely time in their Dollies House.
Some of the teddy bears are not too happy about wash day!
Have you seen how the mice are teasing "Cranky" the cat?

This is a great BOM Program for the kids, can be put together in any combination of colours to suit any decor in your home.

A Graceful Baltimore

 BOM Program a great program to start off with a sampler quilt, as a few different techniques are used in this program.

Little Bluebirds
 BOM Program is a great quilt to use in any decor of your home.

Celebration Of Life BOM Program
This program is a great quilt for any age.

Playing with Angels
 BOM Program.
This program is also available in Kit form.
Complete pattern set only.

This quilt is also available in kit form.
Or you can purchase the Complete pattern Set Only.

Expression Of Morris Book
Expression of Morris Book & Fabrics to complete the quilt top.

French Wrens
Available in Complete Kit Form.
Pattern Only.

Daisy Dance
Available as Complete Pattern Set Only.
Complete Kit with fabrics to complete quilt top, and patterns.
Pattern set only.

Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines
Available as complete pattern set only + transfers.
or BOM Program.

Willowberry Winter
Available as BOM Program
Complete Kit patterns and fabrics to complete quilt top.
Complete pattern Set Only.

Sunbonnet Sue
Available only as Complete Pattern Set at the moment.

I will update with more details on each one as soon as I have a chance too.

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