Sunday, June 12, 2011

Echidna Convention

Well Day 2 is almost half way through, a spare moment to blog, and am I over-whelmed with all of the products that are on offer here at the Convention.
Morning started off with the complete details and hands on experiment with the New Brother PR1000 o.m.g. Do I want one of those New Machines. Is a huge amount of money to hand out for an embroidery machine mind you.
When I purchased my Brother PR650 Back 6 years ago, I thought I had the top of the line machine back then.

Mind you this machine still sews today like a new machine even though I purchased it 6 years ago. It has done an enormous amount of countless hours of embroidering.

But back to the reality of things, my husband has informed me this morning that I dont need the new Brother PR1000, as mine is still sewing like a breeze.

So I have decided to not yet upgrade my machine, after all I have not have any problems with the machine in 6 years so i dont think that i will.

We did have to make a quilt for a boy and a quilt for a girl. These quilts are all on display here at the convention, I will have a few pictures a bit later on to share with everyone. These quilts are being donated to the Childrens hospital, we are not quiet sure were and when but they will all be held in trust for some very lucky young children to cherish.
The quilt for a boy

The quilt for a girl

I have also learned a lot of brand new techniques, from this seminar this time around, a lot of them I have encountered problems with, and I now have solutions for them. So thankfully I can go home and put all my ideas into a fantastic little project, but I will keep you all up to date on the progress of embroidery.

I have also wondered how to embroider on collars and sleeves, and now i have learned the secret. The Secret Is "ECO STICK" o.m.g. I wish I had found this product a long long time ago, it is so easy and simple to use and doesn't gum up your needles and does not leave sticky residue on your hoops, once it is removed. "WOW". Am I going to make some fun and inspiring things once i get home and have the time too.

I have also learnt of a new ruler that you can buy called the Block Maker, this ruler you can also use in your patchwork, but I will be using it for the perfect placement of embroidering designs in several hoopings to make one Block, I will add pictures of these here shortly.
 But before I go there is an amazing item I found at the seminar this year, something that I should have found when I first started out embroidering, it would have been put to a lot of use back 6 years ago, would have saved me a lot of time un picking embroidered designs. This is called the Peggy Stitch Eraser.
But you can bet now that i have one on hand I will probably never get the chance to use it..
I bet you.
Below are a few things I have treated myself too while having a free time to go shopping at the convention.
Thread Tension Gauge

144 Pre-Wound Bobbins

The Rhinestone Applicator

Gold Rhinestones

Rainbow Rhinestones.

Clear Rainbow Rhinestones
I bought the Rhinestone Applicator and Rhinestones, just to Embellish A Quilt that I plan to make from one of the Most Popular designers Jane Samson.
A picture of her quilt is pictured below.

Some of the other Embroidery design sets I got are of these pictures below, I plan to make all of them before I am too old, to embroider.
I will add a few more pictures  when I have a bit more time.

Conrad Jupiters Casino @ Gold Coast QLD.
Is a wonderful place to stay at the Gold Coast, the view from the 14th Floor were I slept, was absolutely wonderful late in the evening as well as sunrise in the morning.

here is a look at what the inside of my room looked like.

These are the pictures inside my room.1405 of the Casino.

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