Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wet Tuesday!!

Well the weather here today is very cool, and might i say very wet.
But all in all a great day to get some inside jobs done. So I thought what a great day for blogging. Maybe I might get to put up a few things i wanted to put up here, and haven't had time to do lately.

First of all our new fabric range of summer spots. a sneak peak at the fabrics in my quilt kit. Which will be added to the website very soon.

 These fabrics are just gorgeous for any quilt.
Delilah delay
This quilt kit is being put together in a couple of different colorways.
I am just waiting on my quilting machine and frame to arrive so that I can get them quilted, and then get some great photographs uploaded here so that you can see what colourways we have available for this kit.
Below is only a sample of the quilt pattern, we are not using the same fabrics as in the picture below.

I will post more pictures as I get them completed.
My 4th Embroidered quilt Contest
I am so on my way to getting this one finished for the show here.
I have completed the first block so far.

I am still working on the 2nd block as we speak. So I will add pictures as I get them completed.
My Urban Ruffle Quilt.
This one I have made using only a polycotton fabric in White, I cut the strips length-wise and joined then as I need. I then ruffled the strips I cut for the ruffling. Then pieced the strips together at the tops of the ruffles, to get the desired affect. I loved making this quilt top so I am going to make another. In a different colorway, I am thinking maybe I should use a couple of different fabrics in the next one. But I will post some pictures as I am going along.

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