Friday, February 25, 2011

Hidden Wells Quilt

 I am currently designing a hidden wells quilt, as a kit for my store, I am still in the long process of getting the correct fabric choice for this design, "too Many to choose from". I cannot decide for the life of me which one to use. They all look so great, maybe i should just close my eyes and choose.
These are  the fabrics I have decided to use to make my version of the Hidden Wells.
After I had cut the fabric strip 1 /2" then sewed them together, and arranged them the way i wanted them. I then decided that I had to add a piece of Black fabric to make the main fabric stand out, these are the pictures I did for the first version in a smaller version too I might

These fabrics were my first choice of fabrics, I chose to make the hidden wells,

Both blocks together, I think look a bit naked.

These are what my 2 blocks would have looked like once pieced together. But the more i looked at it the more i thought this is really missing something. So I decided to not finish this one at the moment. It will get finished, but just not at the moment.

So the comes my second choice of fabrics, and the final choice.

These fabrics I thought were a much better choice of fabrics, isn't it funny how you are missing just one colour of fabric to make a quilt. I am glad I made this change before I cut out all the fabrics to make the quilt top.

Block 1 Completed

Block 2 Completed.

Block of Block 1 and Block 2 Joined together to give you an idea on what the pattern is starting to look like.

Mind you the camera i am using is just not doing these fabrics any justice either let me tell you. Will have to find the Canon and get some better photographs of these fabrics I think.
Well this is day 2 and this is as far as I have gotten,

I will maybe have this quilt top finished by tomorrow.
Today is such a relaxing day, there will not be much happening in my world today.

I am planning to get this quilt finished tomorrow, so lets see how that goes.
I have made a Hidden Wells Quilt before, but instead of using 5 different fabrics I instead used a Jinny Beyer Border Print.
The quilt pictured below was my first version of hidden wells.

This one was my very first Hidden wells Quilt
I put these blocks off point to get this pattern, I know it doesn't look much like the ones above. But this was my first version without even using a pattern. I think I did pretty well without a pattern to work off. I used a Border Fabric from Benartex to make this one, so it really was a lot easier then the one above, using 5 different fabrics. A little more time and a little more sewing than the first two i have made. But I must admit a lot quicker. Mind you this quilt still doesn't have the binding added to it either, which is another project for a day. Getting all the bindings completed on all of my finished quilts.

This one is the second one i made putting the blocks on point.
This one I used a Jinny Beyer border print to make.

Happy Quilting and embroidering to you all!

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