Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend Away

Holiday Time
I having been waiting for a holiday away for a weekend, it doesn't seem much just for a weekend. But when you don't have the time to take a holiday. You really look forward to having a weekend away doing something different, even if it is only to relax and take it easy, forget all the stresses life has to throw at you at times.
We are looking forward to going to "TUMUT" this weekend, a great time of year to have  a small trip to the mountains, hoping that my sister In-Law Meagan has a wonderful birthday. Hoping she will get a big surprise when we arrive. Hopefully get some lovely scenery shots to share, and see some interesting things.
Well that's about all i have until next week.
Happy Quilting, embroidering and what ever else you all enjoy doing.


Cobar Patchwork Supplies said...

Yes the holiday was a great success, we left Cobar on Friday stayed at Griffith on Friday night, Woke to the sound of rain on the roof of the motel, o.m.g.
It rained all the way from Griffith to Tumut. All day saturday, then of course the party was sceduled to start at 6.30pm Saturday, and how lucky were we. The rain stopped at around 4.45pm.
I was amazed maybe it was Meagans Lucky day. Well a great weekend we had great to see the family and the kids. Jack's parents were so very happy to have us there. AS ALWAYS.!
Congratulations Meag, I am also going to send you another big gift through the post next week sometime.
So let me know when you recieve it.

Anonymous said...

You and Jack arriving at my house was the best present I got. (the fabric was lovely also). I had a great party. It would be great to have you two stay longer next time.
talk soon

Cobar Patchwork Supplies said...

I am looking forward to making a trip there in April, for pa's 70th birthday.
That gift I still haven't had time to get it off to you yet, but i will let you know when it is on it's way.

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