Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beyond Color Purple Quilt Project

Beyond Color Purple Project My version of Jenny Haskins great Quilt.
My Next Embroidered quilt I am working on is below, no name as yet.
I have only started on the first block as yet, so this one will also take me a little while to get finished.
Below are the pictures of the first 3 blocks i am going to make.
Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

I am using a white back ground for my blocks, on this quilt.
Here is a few pictures on my progress of these Blocks.

That is Block one Completed today!
The 3rd quilt Well I havent actually started on that one yet, i plan to get to that one tomorrow.
I am so excited about it, and I am sure you will enjoy keeping up to date with me on that one as well.
Now onto my interpretation of Fire and Ice.


Kathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my wallet. It was an enjoyable project as my sewing time has become very limited. Enjoying your site and love your embroidery block.

Cobar Patchwork Supplies said...

I also wish my time wasn't so limited. I would like more time to embroider, and make a lot more things, but like you time is very limited to the things we enjoy.
I look forward to seeing many more of your items you have made. You are inspiring me to start doing a lot more things apart from quilts. I will send you a picture of the wallet once I have made it. Thanks so much

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