Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aqua Marine Ambience

Well I have made a start on the Aqua Marine Ambience Quilt by Jenny and Simon Haskins.
My version I have called Musculan Me.
I have only half completed the First Block of this quilt. So I hope to have the block completed by tomorrow afternoon.
I will post a photo of the first completed Block then.
I am doing mine on White Silk fabric, with pink and Beige coloured threads.
This one i felt needed to go on my bed, but my husband and I share the bed so that is were the colour combination came in. So I have had to share the colours a little. So he doesn't start to feel a little on the feminine side. So I have chosen the colours to suit the both of us.
I hope you all like it.
I have now move donto the 2nd Block already and it is only Sunday. Wow I am really getting the hang of things.

Maybe by the end of the week I might have this quilt completed, well maybe no quilted. But i will have all of the blocks finished.
Well it is mid week and i am almost finished Block 2 of this beautiful quilt.
I am so excited about getting it finished. My machines just can't embroider quick enough for my
Just want it all finished and completely quilted and on my bed.

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