Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MY Gold Coast Seminar I attended

This is a picture of some of the huge buildings on the Gold Coast, this is a great picture. I am heading back there on the 11, 12 13th June 2011.
I an so excited already I can't wait.
I attended the Embroidery Seminar at the Gold Coast again as usual.
This one was the view on my right hand side out the window of my room.

This one is my view from the right hand side view from my window on level 7 of the Casino.
I arrived there on the Friday morning to book into my room, and settle for 2 hours, then off to the Marquee to sign into the days events and classses.

There was so much to see on the Gold Coast, the view of the City from the Beach was incredible.
Plenty of shops to go visit, and plenty of places to eat. O.M.G. food was wonderful even at the Casino.

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