Friday, April 15, 2011

Let There Be Chocolate BOM Program Coming Soon!

Let There Be Chocolate BOM Program Coming Soon!

Quilt Measures 46" x 56"

In the beginning ... we believe there was one more day set aside for the creation of chocolate! Our own little heaven on earth.

(Incidentally – LizzieB cannot be held responsible for any weight gain mysteriously found during the making of this quilt! However, we feel a warning may be appropriate.)

WARNING: may feel the need to join a local gym after completing this fabulous quilt! (But it is totally worth it!)

Milk Shake Monday

Go back in time and sit yourself down at the Main St. creamery for a malted milkshake Monday special!

Pastry Tuesday

It's Tuesday teatime with the ladies! A platter of freshly baked pastries is just what the doctor ... er, hostess ordered.

Bon Bon Wednesday
Remember that stash of leftover Valentine chocolates? Hmmm, what a great day to indulge!

Cookie Dough Thursday

Honestly, how many cookies does a batch of cookie dough make? Zero. Just grab a spoon!

Chocolate Bar Friday

If the chocolate bar makes it all the way to Friday, by all means, celebrate! It’s the weekend!

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Saturday

Oops! Forgot all about that special date on Saturday! Pass on the mousse cake? Yeah, right.

Hot Fudge Sundae

There’s just nothing like a sit down with the family at the end of the week, build-your-own Sundae bar! Excuse me, pass the hot fudge please?

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