Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Projects In One Day With Tops Completed

Wow! Have I done well this week.
I finally finished piecing 2 quilts yesterday, the Daffodil Day quilt has been sewn together with just the Border fabric to go on and then to be quilted.
I also made a strippy quilt last night and added 5 rows or Ruffling to the quilt top, and I must say i love it.
All I have to do now is quilt the both of them, and then they are finished

This is the border fabric, i am using the same fabric as the ruffles.

The Daffodil quilt.  I decided not to add the Embroidered Blocks, as this was going to take too long to get the quilt finished, I am very quickly running out of time. So I have just made a pieced quilt.
Finally I will add the borders and take a snapshot to share.

This is the border fabric i am adding to this quilt. Although it looks more green in the photo it is actually yellow back ground.
Well I am off to get these babies quilted before you hubby gets home, otherwise I won't get them finished.

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