Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Quilt Kits being added shortly

Wow how the month is going by so quickly already, already half way through January already o.m.g. Still heaps of things to get done, and very little time to do it in.
We are releasing a few of our BOM Programs next month. If you hadn't already noticed they have all been removed from the website.
This one is one of them.

Here is a sneak peak at the blocks that i will be completing, these pictures are NOT the actual fabrics we are using, ours are a little more retro and more appropriately picked for the detail of the pattern.

Block 1 MONDAY

 Block 2 (Tuesday)
 Block 3 (Wednesday)
 Block 4 (Thursday)
 Block 5 (Friday)
 Block 6 (Saturday)
Block 7 (Sunday)

As they have been all cut and packaged they will be added to the website, also with photgraphs of the fabrics being used in each one.

We also have been working very very hard on the computer over the christmas season to get a lot of the e-patterns up-loaded onto the website so that when you have purchased them you will actually be able to download them from the (My Account) section of the website, but of course you will have to log into the website using your log in details, in order to download them.

I have also been working very very hard on getting a lot of our un-quilted quilts Quilted. Wow was that a "mouthful" all in one sentence.
Here is just a few that have been done over the christmas break.

 I have completed a few of those, here are a couple of pictures of the completed ones that are currently on the website for sale.

This one is called All In A Row

This one is called the Antique Star Quilt
This one is Entwined

This one is called Hearts Of Love

This is called Japanese Block.

We also have a few more products new to the store this week, they are not on the website as yet but we will be adding them shortly.

A couple of quilts still in progress, in which i will be adding to the website once they are completed.
This one uses 1 jelly roll

This one is made using a jelly roll and a layer cake

This one is made using one of our store Fabric Stacks which will be added to website shortly.

This bag we made in our store we have kits available on the website for this Bag.

This one is also available on the website

This was a little different, these bags are taking america by storm, they are made using bag mesh, all different shapes and sizes. we had a fantastic time making these.

This quilt is available on the website over the next coming month.
We are still in the process on finsihing this one.
This quilt, is also available on the website for purchase there is only one of those left unfortunately.

Jaapanese lolipop Quilt is available on the website for purchase also.

This one is also available under the kit section of the website.

 Version 1
Girls Day Out
We are in the process of putting this kit together, we are also going to be running this as a BOM Program, or you can purchase the Full Kit, Details of this are on our website just click GIRLS DAY OUT.

We will try and keep you up to date, on what kits are being added to the website for purchase.

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