Sunday, December 26, 2010

Calico & Lace Quilt

I am trying to put together a Calico and Lace Quilt which i have made up most of the blocks for this quilt, but i am a little unsure on what to do next.
Below are the pictures of the blocks i have completed.

I am a little unsure on were to go to finish this quilt, a little advice would help heaps.
email me at

New items to our store.

We have some fantastic new patterns to our store.

From designers such as Saly Giblin, Atkinson Designs, ankas treasurs, busy Bee, Nikki Tervo, Ne & My Sister, Valorie Wells, Amy Butler,Red Brolly, Cozy Quilt Designs and Threads Of Time.We have added to our website the all NEW E-PATTERNS for instant download. these will be released in january.

We also have the a few new fabric ranges just arrived in store such as:

Mika High Tea Series.

Boutique Series

White & Naturals fabrics.

We are also getting in 2011 the New Adelaide Collection of fabrics from Michel Hill.

Plus a whole lot more to come.

We have a lot of new items arriving in our store over the next coming month.

As well as a lot of items being made in our store.

We have the New Fans Of Friendship Quilt Kits available in 3 colorways, RED, TURQUOISE< and BLUE.

We also have a few Log Rolls In our store. We are still trying to figure out a pattern for using these wonderful fabric logs. We will post something on the website as soon as we have put something together, but the logs are available in store for purchase now.

A few of the things we will be making are the ever so popular Mesh Bags, these will be available in a few different colorways. Such as Lime Green, Purple, Black, white and yellow.

We will also be making a few aprons, with the new range of farbics from Moda. These are water proof and stain proof aprons, available in only one colorway for the time being.

Small Purses will be made in our store, or you may purchase the kit to make your own if you wish.

We will also be making a few Cushions, embroidered Cushions as well as pieced and appliqued cushions.

Pillow Slips will also be available some with trims, embroidery, piecing and applique.

We also have a large array of patterns available as well. so keep your eye out on the new items, on the bottom of the homepage.

I will further update this page as i have new items to list. I will also upload some pictures here shortly.

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