Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just a Few pictures I found on the camera.

Here i have a few pictures i found on the camera and thought i might share them.
Here we are showing just a few of the patterns that we have in stock.

This one is a picture of an embroidered block i did just for a cushion.

Here we have a picture of some of the Jelly Rolls and charm packs we have in stock.

Here we have a picture of some of the farbics we have on the shelves.

Here we have a picture of our Fabric Logs we have in store.

This one is some of the layer cakes we have in store.

I embroidered this hat for our Fergie Tractor Club from Cobar to Louth.
I was very impressed with how this logo came out.

Here we have a Flutter Slice from our website.

Here is a sneak peak of just some of the things we have been putting together, getting ready to get a fair few things made up for a display in my New Shop Front. this year.

Here i have been doing a bit of practising on the free motion quilting, this is just a few samples.

This quilt has been made using the Lolipop Bias Bindings on the website.

This quilt I had put together using a couple of charm packs and a little extra fabrics.

This quilt has been made to showcase some beautiful fabrics we had in store a couple of years ago.

This quilt will be available from our website as a Full Kit.

As well as this one.

This is what one of my best friends, use to make quilts quickly for donations.

Here is Braith trying his hand at pinning a quilt he, must have thought well if cousin barb can do it, then surely the god i can and I am only
He really did get some pins into that quilt, he really surprised me.

Concentrating very hard on getting it .
This quilt i made for Nan Fraser, I had even quilt all of our names in the quilting, just to make sure she never forgets any of our
I must say i was pretty impressed with this one. And i will say i think she was too.
She loved the quilt. as well as the one below, although it isn't quilted in this picture. I couldn't wait to get it finished to give her.
She was thrilled, and it is still on her spare bed even three years later. o.m.g i couldn't believe it.
I will add the quilt picture here shortly.

We will be updating this blog as much as possible to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in my quilting world.

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