Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is going on in my world

It is another cloudy day here in Cobar, what a great day for Sunday jobs, have all the house work complete, except the washing,lol. So I am now off to get the back yard mowed and cleaned up, then I am off to make a quilt I have been wanting the time to make for a long time. I will keep you posted on the process of this quilt.
But at the moment the embroidery machines are calling. So i will be back here later this week with some beautiful pictures to share. I am going to try my hand at embroidering onto Cotton Sateen impported from America. Beautiful fabrics and Beautiful colors. Can't wait to get started and share my journey with you all.
Until later this week, happy quilting! and embroidering.
This one is just a test run to see how the flower sews out, then I will get stuck into the real thing. Well i have got a fair bit done for a Sunday, considering I didn't have a lot of time on my hands today, between Kaleb wanting attention and the chores getting completed, didn't lleave much time for much else. But i did manage to get a fair bit completed. I was very surprised with my day.
I will keep you posted as we go.
I have been asked to make a quilt for Daffodil Day, and here is some of the fabrics i will be using in this quilt.
I will also be putting in a few Daffodil Embroideries on a couple of blocks for this quilt design, here is a picture of a Daffodil I found in a coloring book. and this is what i made of it. to put on the quilt.
I think this will look great on this quilt. I can't wait to get started on this quilt. Aunty Betty, I am getting there, slowly but surely. 
Well i am off to get some more of this quilt started, the hard work isn't done yet.
This is an update to were i am at so far.
 Here i got a fair few of the pieces sewn together, just a few more to go, then comes the arrangement of the fabrics and blocks.
Here is the embroidered Daffodil Block, but i am still a little unsure on the colors.
I think I need to change the colors to a few different ways and see how it looks.

here i have arranged a few of the fabrics to see how they look, but i think i will still do something a little more with them yet. But i am pretty happy with the fabrics i have used so far.

Well I was planning to get this quilt finished this week, but things did not turn out to the plan i had in place. So i guess maybe this weekend i might work using my plan and see what happens. Maybe I might have a finished quilt by the end of Sunday. That's my plan anyway.

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