Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feathered Star Quilt Kit

Feathered Star Quilt Kit.
I am currently working on a feathered star quilt kit. I have 2 blocks completed so far.
I will post a couple of pictures shortly.
The colorway I have chosen is one of the colorways that will be available on the website. A lot of people think that this quilt pattern is a "Not to attempt" block. But actually is a very easy block to put together. If you have accurate 1/4" foot on your machine. And you can cut accurately, and sew accurately. You will put this block together very very quickly.
I have attempted this block about 3 years ago, using templates. And never again will i use plastic templates to make a Block. This time around I have used just my ruler and by cutting and measuring very accurately. then piece very accurately. You can make this block. with ease. As i have done.
I have found by drawing an accurate 1/4" around all the pieces i HAVE CUT OUT. i CAN THEN PIN AND PIECE THEM VERY ACCURATELY.
So far I have completed 2 blocks for this feathered star quilt. i am still working on the remaining blocks for this quilt. I will then write up the pattern without all of my scribbles. and Put a Kit together to make this quilt.
But at the moment I am very very happy with the progress of this must have quilt. I am also thinking about making a hand pieced one as well. Just so I can have something to do while I am sitting with my husband watching TV.
Here I have cut out a couple of the blocks and getting ready to put them together.
Thinking maybe i should do one in a two color quilt.

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